Sunday, June 21, 2009

CASE 18816760-0622

Wouldn't it be sweet to go back in time and give your old self a BIG smack in the head for something you know you'll be regretting in the future? It could be something you did or didn't do, whichever may be the case. For me, it's something I didn't do. Why in Buddha's name I didn't do it still rattles my freakin' head. I hate to admit it, but I do feel regret. Uhmm, im just still human. And yes, this involves a girl (how typical). LOL. I really didn't see it coming. Falling i mean...
Enough of that. I'll just keep moving forward and see what's ahead of me. Kinda excited about getting to study again. Yep, i'll be taking culinary arts at MIHCA this year, or early next year. And it'll be a major career shift for me. (from computers to menus. LOL) Will I do good? Yes. Why? Just one word... Passion.


Once in a while, i find it amusing reading my old posts. It has been helluva long time since I posted something, anything. It surely brings back memories. And why am I writing this blog? Simply because i'm bored. lol.It's 2:30am in the morning and I have work piled up! (can't find the strength to finish those forms). I sure do hope I can accomplish something by the end of my shift. NYAHAHA!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moving Beyond Appearances

It is our natural inclination to judge people, since it happens without our even thinking about it. We take one look and summarize a whole person-overweight, pretty, stylish, sloppy. This habit comes from the mind's need to categorize the world in order to be able to function without becoming overwhelmed. When we judge, we are looking for pertinent information, trying to determine whether the person approaching is a threat, an ally, or someone we don't need to worry about. This way of looking at people makes sense in a dangerous context, but in our daily lives it leads to an overly simplistic reading of the people we meet.

If you have ever judged someone dismissively, only to have them become a dear friend once you got to know them, you know the hazards of the judgment cycle firsthand. An experience like that may have led you to soften your natural tendency to believe your first impressions. We will always notice things about the people we meet, but as we become more conscious of the shortcomings of judgment, we won't be satisfied with our surface observations. We may notice that someone is driving an expensive car, but we will decide whether to befriend her based on getting to know her over time. We will not rule out a friendship with someone with messy hair, especially if he turns out to have a great sense of humor and a kind heart. Liking or disliking a person is a choice you will naturally make, but it will be after you have gotten to know them.

Next time you notice yourself judging somebody, try to send love, light, or blessings to the person you were judging. Then try to listen to them openly or look them in the eye and learn something about them. If this is not easy for you, remember not to judge yourself either. Trust that with practice, you will successfully disable your habitual patterns. As you do, you will find a whole new dimension of perception opening up to you, allowing you to see beyond the surface and into the essence of the people you meet.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"Happiness is just a feeling of euphoria"

"It's the brain chemistry going in overdrive"

"That's why so many relationships fail, honeymoon ends and REALITY sinks in"

A quote by lex from smallville which seems to have been embedded in my head for some reason. Funny how a mind of a realist works huh?

Scene perfectly matches the background music "Have i told you i ache for you" by dunno who. Drives me insane not to be able to download the song from any site...


Monday, September 04, 2006

my virgo qualities

My Virgo qualities. It's funny cuz i find it to be quite accurate. hehe. Saw this from Tina's blog. Check out yours HERE.

- Time is precious for Virgo man and if you make him wait, he will consider that as an insult.
- He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticized.
- He is a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve himself.
- He is the type who is well adjusted to make changes.
- He is quite romantic, a type of guy who can drive 100 miles just to tell you how much he misses you.
- His woman has to be clean and dresses well.
- He is neat & tidy, so his life is always in a schedule, a fixed time for lunch, same goes with goin home.
- He is well knowledgeable about food and conscious about nutrition.
- You will see him in social events or party only if necessary.
- He's always neat and tidy.
- He always acts like a boring mature adult, but after getting to know him, you will know he has his own charm.
- He always see things clearly, so he is not the type to be blinded by love.
- He is a kind and cool guy, but if constantly irritated with rudeness, ignorance, or stupidity then he will show you that he is annoyed.
- He likes a sincere, self confident, neat and clean woman.

(grammar edited)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

sick, sick, sick

I hate getting sick...

...almost all my senses are off

...can't go out & have fun

...can't eat anything but hot soup

...not reporting for work for genuinely being sick. *sigh*

My nose starts to itch... then i sneeze... then my throat hurts... next thing i know, i'm in bed nursing a fever.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Just got in the office. so sleepy. been having 3-4 hours of sleep for the past few days. it's ok naman, i always make up for it a day in a week by sleeping straight for 15 hrs. so bawi din.

Just been at metrowalk to meet a friend in need.. a heartbroken friend. She texted me a few days back & wanted to meet just to vent out her frustration & ease the pain she's keeping inside. Petty quarrel led to a nightmare which apparently ended their relationship. Guy finally said that he can't commit. At first, guy was said to be so sweet, sensitive and know, the so called "perfect catch". She thought she found the person to spend the rest her life with. Guess she was wrong. She's been through a lot. Before this guy, she was actually single for more than 2 years, despite having a lot of suitors. Afraid to undergo the same fate with the last relationship was the reason. This guy however was just too persistent, eventually, she fell for him.

"I'm so sick and tired of dating the wrong ones" she said. Told her it's not a luxury of choice. You will date the wrong ones...but will eventually find the right one. Just need to have the patience..and a lot of it. Right now, she's afraid of going out with anyone. Afraid for someone to penetrate her fragile heart & emotions to take over. Afraid of walking the same path with the last failed relationships.

Wouldn't it be just great if we can choose the right person for us right away? Whom we can spend the rest of our lives with? Some people are just damn lucky. We have to believe that God has a bigger plan for us. We meet the wrong ones for a particular what i always say, everything happens for a reason. He wants us to be learn from our mistakes. All we need to have is faith.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Ever wondered what AMCE stands for? It's actually "A Company which Manufactures Everything"

I never get tired of watching this... used to drive my ex nuts. hahaha. Always keeps me glued to the tv, thinking how coyote's gonna end up with the famous ACME anvil on top of it's head.

Guess there's this kid in all of us.

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