Monday, September 04, 2006

my virgo qualities

My Virgo qualities. It's funny cuz i find it to be quite accurate. hehe. Saw this from Tina's blog. Check out yours HERE.

- Time is precious for Virgo man and if you make him wait, he will consider that as an insult.
- He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticized.
- He is a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve himself.
- He is the type who is well adjusted to make changes.
- He is quite romantic, a type of guy who can drive 100 miles just to tell you how much he misses you.
- His woman has to be clean and dresses well.
- He is neat & tidy, so his life is always in a schedule, a fixed time for lunch, same goes with goin home.
- He is well knowledgeable about food and conscious about nutrition.
- You will see him in social events or party only if necessary.
- He's always neat and tidy.
- He always acts like a boring mature adult, but after getting to know him, you will know he has his own charm.
- He always see things clearly, so he is not the type to be blinded by love.
- He is a kind and cool guy, but if constantly irritated with rudeness, ignorance, or stupidity then he will show you that he is annoyed.
- He likes a sincere, self confident, neat and clean woman.

(grammar edited)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

sick, sick, sick

I hate getting sick...

...almost all my senses are off

...can't go out & have fun

...can't eat anything but hot soup

...not reporting for work for genuinely being sick. *sigh*

My nose starts to itch... then i sneeze... then my throat hurts... next thing i know, i'm in bed nursing a fever.

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