Thursday, August 10, 2006


Just got in the office. so sleepy. been having 3-4 hours of sleep for the past few days. it's ok naman, i always make up for it a day in a week by sleeping straight for 15 hrs. so bawi din.

Just been at metrowalk to meet a friend in need.. a heartbroken friend. She texted me a few days back & wanted to meet just to vent out her frustration & ease the pain she's keeping inside. Petty quarrel led to a nightmare which apparently ended their relationship. Guy finally said that he can't commit. At first, guy was said to be so sweet, sensitive and know, the so called "perfect catch". She thought she found the person to spend the rest her life with. Guess she was wrong. She's been through a lot. Before this guy, she was actually single for more than 2 years, despite having a lot of suitors. Afraid to undergo the same fate with the last relationship was the reason. This guy however was just too persistent, eventually, she fell for him.

"I'm so sick and tired of dating the wrong ones" she said. Told her it's not a luxury of choice. You will date the wrong ones...but will eventually find the right one. Just need to have the patience..and a lot of it. Right now, she's afraid of going out with anyone. Afraid for someone to penetrate her fragile heart & emotions to take over. Afraid of walking the same path with the last failed relationships.

Wouldn't it be just great if we can choose the right person for us right away? Whom we can spend the rest of our lives with? Some people are just damn lucky. We have to believe that God has a bigger plan for us. We meet the wrong ones for a particular what i always say, everything happens for a reason. He wants us to be learn from our mistakes. All we need to have is faith.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Ever wondered what AMCE stands for? It's actually "A Company which Manufactures Everything"

I never get tired of watching this... used to drive my ex nuts. hahaha. Always keeps me glued to the tv, thinking how coyote's gonna end up with the famous ACME anvil on top of it's head.

Guess there's this kid in all of us.

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